Beehive Panels

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The Slovenian Shop's beehive panels, also known as bee boards, are reproductions of original panels dating from the 19th century.   All of our panels are hand painted on real wood by artists in Slovenia.  

The export of original panels is prohibited by law.

Here's a bit of history on beehive panels from

The art of painting beehive panels

Slovenian museums have preserved a good number of original beehive panels. Photo: Darinka Mladenovič

Another special feature of Slovenian beekeeping that has gained international recognition is in the area of folk art – this being the art of painting beehive panels, something not known anywhere else in the world. The beginnings of this folk art can be traced back to the middle of the 18th century.

The smooth wooden panels on the front of bee houses posed a challenge for numerous folk artists, and this gave rise to fascinating images that turned simple bee houses into veritable open-air art galleries. The pictures on individual bee houses of course also helped the bees in their orientation, and made it easier for the beekeeper to remember individual houses.

Slovenia’s museums have preserved a good number of original paintings from which countless replicas have been made – new beehive panels done in the antique style are among the more original Slovenian tourist souvenirs. Numerous Slovenian beekeepers still like to decorate their bee houses to this day along the old patterns, but using modern motifs.

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